Prebiotic Powerhouse – Per unit mass, chicory has the highest inulin content of any cultivated fiber crop. However, current chicory varieties are far too bitter to be milled directly into flour.  However, Blue Prairie Brands grows a newly available variety without bitterness. Using this variety a wholesome flour can be produced by milling the dried chicory roots.

Among Towering Bluffs – Blue Prairie grows its chicory

among the towering bluffs of western Nebraska, offering

farmers a valuable crop that can be grown in annual rotation

with crops such as corn and sugar beets, a practice that

reduces pest pressure often seen with continuous cropping.

About Chicory - Chicory is a member of the sunflower family (family Asteraceae) which includes Jerusalem artichoke, artichoke, lettuces, dandelion, Echinacea, yarrow, marigold and chrysanthemum. Described by the ancient Romans, chicory is recognized for its beautiful blue to purple composite flowers. Three primary varieties are planted: 1) a forage variety known to improve livestock health, 2) a leaf variety that includes Endive and Radicchio, 3) and a root variety that produces a tap root similar in appearance, but larger than a parsnip.