• Chicory Flour – The raw chicory root is typically very bitter.  However, Blue Prairie Brands grows a newly available variety without bitterness. Using this variety a wholesome flour can be produced by milling the dried chicory roots. The resulting gluten free flour is rich in prebiotic inulin and can be used in breads, pastries, pastas and other dry goods.

  • Chicory Syrup – Chicory root is rich in the prebiotic inulin, containing up to 75% inulin when dried. Chicory syrup includes the many benefits found in chicory flour, but can be used as a binder in nutrition bars, a subtle sweetener in dough and a source of fiber for drinks.

  • Chicory Fiber (i.e., inulin or chicory root extract) – Chicory fiber (inulin) is the sugar of the chicory root. Using a complex extraction process, the prebiotic inulin is extracted from the roots and the water is removed to produce a powder. Chicory fiber is added to a wide variety of foods and drinks to provide a source of healthy prebiotic fiber.

  • Roast Chicory – Rich and toasted in aroma, roast chicory is added to coffee and tea blends to provide a delicate aroma and a mellow, full body. Coffee blended with roast chicory is popular in India and locally along the Gulf Coast in New Orleans style blends. Over the past few decades the unique roast chicory flavor has also been brewed into beer and distilled into liqueurs.